Feral Findings

a tapestry-like image showing the outline of several animals

The end of the hunt

I started this project with the intention of creating a growing collection of the best "dark" animal artwork I could find. On top of having a genuine love for such art, I also wanted to use affiliate links both to support the project and to link directly to the stores and products of amazing artists.

Unfortunately, this endeavor was a massive time sink, and not sustainable for one person to operate. I found a lot of incredible pieces and compiled several interesting collections during this time, and also grew my Facebook and Twitter audiences a little bit, but due to the amount of time involved in curating products, generating affiliate links, publishing online and queuing social media promotions...it all just unfortunately ground to a halt.

Finding a new path to follow

That said, I still truly believe in the idea behind Feral Findings - finding talented artists producing works and products unlike what you see in most stores elsewhere... Building an impressive and ever-growing gallery of mesmerizing, dark and mysterious works that's instantly captivating. So, this isn't something I entirely want to abandon.

What I would like to see Feral Findings become is, instead of a one-person operation, something that is more of a group effort among a select group of artists whose works fit the theme. My goal would be for this group to continue their art and business separately, but to use the Feral Findings site, brand and presence to promote their work collectively, and to occasionally collaborate on art and projects as they so choose (for example: monthly, seasonal or holiday themes).

Gathering the pack

To that end, while it may take some time as I continue focusing on my other business endeavors, I will be on the lookout for artists whose works fit the Feral Findings theme, and further solidifying what I want to do with this project, and how to make it beneficial for those participating and delightful for those viewing or shopping. It will be a while before I get all that up and running...in the meantime, follow my social accounts linked above. One day, they'll re-awaken...

If you are an artist interested in collaborating on this project with me, send me an email and we'll discuss.